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Our Mission is to inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology and mathematics through participation in a sports-like science and engineering-based robotics competition.

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20 June 2019 - Summer Workshops Open for Registration

Don't miss out. Register today for the summer workshops we are hosting.

July 10-11, 2019 – Simulink Summer Workshop – 2 full days – $50 per person

(sponsored by MathWorks)
Who: Students, Teachers, Mentors
Location: Leander High School, 3301 S Bagdad, Leander, TX 78641
Register here: http://2019simulinkworkshop.eventbrite.com
  • Program autonomous robots
  • Textual and graphical programming
  • Use multiple sensors for following lines, avoiding obstacles and maneuvering with compasses
  • Drag & drop connections
  • Simulate/test programs without a robot
  • Visualize robot behavior using virtual worlds
  • Learn to program VEX Cortex and Arduino robots

July 16, 2019 - Electronics Workshop – 1 half day – No cost

(sponsored by Texas Instruments)
Who: Students, Teachers, Mentors
Location: Pflugerville High School, 1301 W Pecan St, Pflugerville, TX 78660
Register Here: http://2019eworkshop.eventbrite.com
  • Introduction to Electronics (basic understanding of electricity and electronics)
  • How to Solder (including hands-on practice soldering)
  • BEST IR Sensor Kit and Theory of Operation (what is it? how does it work?)
  • Assembling the BEST IR Sensor Kit (students will assemble the kit by soldering components to the PCB)
  • Testing and Adjustment of the IR Sensor System –(students will test the operation of the sensor and make adjustments for sensitivity)

The goal is for participation by one or more students from every school competing in the Capitol BEST competition this fall. We will assemble one sensor kit for distribution to each participating team at Kickoff. Two additional unassembled kits will be distributed at that time as well. This training gives students (and teachers) the necessary training and skills to successfully assemble the additional IR sensors, after Kickoff.

July 17-19 – Camp Code Workshop – 3 half days

01 May 2019 - 2019 Team Registration is Open!

We have FINALLY opened team registration for the 2019 season. Signup your team at https://2019capitolbest.eventbrite.com

Tentative schedule is:
Sep 07, 2019: Kickoff
Sep 28, 2019: Test Drive
Oct 12, 2019: Practice Day
Oct 19, 2019: Game Day

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